Ramadan Unites: Bissell’s Multi-Country Campaign Celebrates Diversity and Community Spirit Across the Middle East

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May 13, 2024

 Bissell Ramadan Influencer Marketing Campaign



Background and Brief:

Bissell Arabia , a leading home cleaning and floor care brand, aimed to boost brand awareness and promote its products during Ramadan through an influencer marketing campaign. The campaign targeted audiences in Lebanon, Kuwait, and the UAE, leveraging the influence of 30 carefully selected influencers across TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. The objective was to showcase Bissell’s innovative cleaning solutions and their relevance during the Ramadan season.



To execute the campaign effectively, Bissell collaborated with a diverse group of influencers representing various lifestyle and home-focused niches in the target markets. The influencers were chosen based on their engagement rates, demographics, and relevance to Bissell’s product offerings.


Key components of the campaign included:

  1. Customized content creation: Influencers developed creative content that highlighted Bissell’s products as essential tools for Ramadan cleaning and preparation.
  2. Content formats included tutorials, before-and-after demonstrations, and lifestyle integrations.
  3. Cultural relevance: Influencers integrated cultural elements of Ramadan into their content, showcasing how Bissell’s products can help with traditional cleaning practices and home organization during the festive period.
  4. Cross-platform promotion: The campaign leveraged TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat to reach diverse audience segments and maximize engagement.
  5. Influencer activation: Influencers were incentivized to engage with their followers through interactive challenges, giveaways, and exclusive discounts on Bissell products.



The influencer marketing campaign generated impactful outcomes for Bissell:

  1. Expanded reach and engagement: Collaborations with influencers resulted in widespread exposure across Lebanon, Kuwait, and the UAE, reaching millions of targeted consumers during Ramadan.
  2. Increased product adoption: Influencers’ endorsements and demonstrations led to heightened interest and adoption of Bissell’s cleaning solutions among households preparing for Ramadan.
  3. Positive brand sentiment: Influencer-generated content resonated with audiences, fostering positive perceptions and trust in Bissell’s products.
  4. Measurable impact: The campaign drove tangible business results, including increased sales and online inquiries about Bissell’s offerings.


Overall, the strategic influencer partnerships enabled Bissell Arabia to connect authentically with consumers during Ramadan, reinforcing its position as a trusted brand for home cleaning solutions in the Middle East.

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