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May 5, 2020

The internet activity has increased during the covid-19 pandemic. This increase has offered some opportunities for influencers and brands to work together. Brands have decreased their production budgets and spend on outdoor ads, while investing more on Influencers Marketing. How? When brand managers hire influencers, they create their own content using their own equipment and resources. Hence brand manager decrease their production budget. With this decrease, there has been increase in performance.

How is Influencers Marketing Successful

Direct – to – consumer marketing is one way influencers are finding success. For example, Influencer chefs providing recipes for those stuck at home. Whilte gyms are closed, fitness influencer are helping others stay in shape. Beauty gurus are providing tips for females on taking care of their hair and skin.

Even though many influencer collaborations have been cancelled since the pandemic breakout, brands that kept going are seeing an increase in engagement on sponsored influencers posts. If you think about it, people are at home consuming so much more content while practicing social distancing. During the pandemic, social media consumption increased by 44% worldwide and 14% in content uploaded on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube. As for the GCC the percentage is much more with the strict rules of staying at home.

Low on budget

Many brands decreased their marketing budget, even though we know that the only way to get to your customers is by increasing your marketing spend. However, With influencers marketing that is not a problem. Since it is a more affordable alternative compared to outdoor, TV and traditional advertising.

Is your business looking to make an impact with influencers marketing?

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