Current Influencers Marketing Trends in the GCC

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July 19, 2020

The first half of 2020 took a different direction in Influencers Marketing. With Corona, the human behaviour changed, therefore, Influencers had to adapt to this change as well. So let’s take a look at what happened in the past 6 months

Video leads the content category


Video content is king. It is the best way for marketeers to share information and is the most receptive type of content by consumers. It can be viewed at anytime and anywhere. And with the lockdown happening, then Ramadan came, people stayed at home and they had more time to watch content. Also, influencers had more time to create content!

Here are some stats on video content and Influencers marketing:

  • Netflix records were broken with 16 million new subscribers globally
  • Mobile video viewing increased by 100%
  • Video content by influencers have 50% more viewership than content shared by brands
  • Videos shared by influencers have 62% more ROI than content shared by brands
  • CTR on videos are 200% more than regular content
  • Video shares are 1000% more than image and test content

These stats are more than enough to prove than video content is the best way forward

How can brands collaborate with influencers to create videos?

Tutorials: By demonstrating how to use a product and its benefits.

Product reviews: The influencer can share their honest opinion on the product. When the opinion is positive, this encourages purchasing decisions.

Unboxing: Influencers to show what kind of products they received from the brand and talk about them in detail.

Tiktok Stands out


Video content is king, but content distribution on the right platform is King Kong. and since Tiktok is video only, then it’s the right place for marketeers at the moment. That’s not the only reason. Tiktok has exponentially grown in the past six months, especially in UAE, KSA and Kuwait.

How can brands collaborate with influencers on TikTok?

Tiktok’s main demographics are Gen Z’s and they are have a major buying power especially for E-commerce.

If your brand targets the new generation, Gen Zs then it’s the right platform to be on.

Determine what kind of content you want to create, if It a make up tutorial, or a outfit change video or even a dance to a new product

Micro and nano influencers are brands go to

Micro Influencers

In one of our blog posts we spoke about the power of Micro influencers marketing.  In 2020 with brands becoming more cost conscious , and the need to advertise, many brands prefer working with micro and nano influencers.

Here is a recap to the benefits on Micro influencers:

  • Cost effective: This is important for many brands
  • Higher engagement: approximately 3- 7% which is higher than average
  • Relevant: They are niche and only endorse brands they trust.

Marketers involve influencers in their online marketing strategies

Online Marketing

There are 3 online marketing strategies marketeers look at:

  1. Social media marketing: This involves engagement with the audience and customer service
  2. Content marketing: Creating content across different online platforms such as videos, photographs, blogs, webinars and podcasts.
  3. Influencers marketing: Brand endorsements and collaborations with opinion leaders

Instagram remains number 1 in the region


So many social media platforms are emerging. However, Instagram remains on top in the GCC, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE.

One of the main reasons Instagram is the most popular, is due to the ease of use, people can share stories, images, and videos. With the shoppable post option for Instagram business, Instagram popularity increased among users.

Influencers marketing budgets increase

Marketing Budgets

Brands who worked with influencers in 2019, saw better ROI than any other form of advertising. These brands were committed to increase their marketing budgets in 2020 and that is exactly what they did.

Moreover, more brands jumped on the bandwagon because influencers marketing is the most cost-effective form of advertising available.

Here are some of the big brands in KSA, UAE and Kuwait that conducted influencers collaborations in 2020 from different categories.

  1. Del Monte
  2. Samsung
  3. Clorox
  5. Shein
  6. Sephora

The list goes on. If you would like to know more about the brands that work with influencers, subscribe to our newsletter or you can email us on for more information on influencers marketing.

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