This is the most important factor for a successful influencers campaign

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May 31, 2020

We see new influencers campaign every other day. The industry is maturing and all marketers have access to launch an influencers campaign easily.

The first impression we get is that every campaign is a success if it appeared on this big influencer’s profile and got the exposure expected represented in “likes”

Influencers are not likes factories only

This is the case for a lot of the influencers campaigns out-there, the marketer got the brand “there” the influencer “did” their job, everyone is happy.

Marketers are happy

What is really the main objective?

What everyone usually avoids is the ” Did this post really work?!” and how much impact did this post had on the business bottomline?

The main objective of an influencers campaign is to produce a desirable marketing result. Depending on the objective of the campaign, was it awareness? Engagement? App installs? Swipe to buy?

Influencers content can make brands message compelling

This the hardest part of any marketing campaign, measuring ROI requires a-lot of homework. But there are marketers who understand the impact of each marketing activity on their business, and they are very accurate about it (we dealt with many of them) and to be honest, working with such clients saves everyone’s time.

So, what is the most important factor in achieving ROI from influencers? What will make the followers of your chosen influencers do business with your brand? Especially that more than 48% of KSA, UAE social media users, said they somehow distrust influencers advertisements!

What did we notice from doing so many campaigns for big and small brands? that one factor that converts better than any other, like reach, celeb status and good looks? and actually produce a result?


Influencers content is what brings people to follow them

Content is what got the influencer known in the first place, it’s what got people’s attention, it’s the most important part of the collaboration.

Content is the story that consists of words, pictures, music, video, the setup..etc that an influencer produce in order to deliver the brand’s message.

When a marketer starts planning a campaign, he/she spends weeks crafting it, looking at every detail of it’s “contents” , why shouldn’t this be thought as thorough when executing a campaign with influencers?

So whats the issue with content produced by influencers for brands these days? and why did it result in distrust from followers?

We can list some:

  • Quick posting: The influencer just want to post the ad away, and does it mindlessly sometimes
  • 10-20 ads a day: Some influencers do more commercials breaks than MBC!
  • The brand guidelines are missed most of the times, influencer does not stick to what he was briefed on
  • Its viewed as commercial transaction other than an actual “Review”
  • Promotional messages (quick fixes): here’s the discount code for this retailer
  • Lacks authenticity

Such actions damage the brand equity, and does sometimes gives quick qins, but not long term brand building for sure.

Content is what make or break a brand from influencers

So how can content change the whole impact of a post? a proper content reflects the following:

  • A well researched product/service message that applies to the brand. It reflects the main aspects of the brand and how does it adds value to the customer.
  • UGC experience: the influencer has to actually try the product before talking about it
  • Asking the influencers contractually to stick to what’s agreed and not to deviate from it, while delivering the message “Influencer’s way”
  • Other than saying the whole message on the spot, marketers should deliver the message on a longer period, minimum across a week.
  • Thinking of adding an engagement aspect to the message (Let me engage you with this activity and then talk about the brand)
  • The influencer must believe in the brand to deliver the message as passionately as possible.

Sounds simple, why isn’t most of the marketers do it? our guess: Too Much Work! the easier way is the way.

At , we spend most of our time crafting the content, the message, UGC experience and the story. As we know this what matters the most.

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