Feels Smoothie & Juice Bar Juices Up Riyadh with Influencer Spark

Starfish Agency-

June 7, 2024

Born out of a passion for clean eating, creativity, and an active lifestyle, Feels Smoothie & Juice Bar is a beloved concept that originated in Dubai. Feels Smoothie & Juice Bar is now open his first branch in
KSA, Riyadh, starting May 22, 2024, bringing its popular clean food concept to the Saudi Market.



We launched a powerful influencer marketing campaign to introduce Riyadh to Feels Smoothie & Juice Bar, creating excitement and driving foot traffic to its new location. Committed to serving 100% natural, clean, and delicious food, smoothies, and juices, Feels blends creativity with the finest ingredients to offer a fresh and flavorful experience that promotes health and well-being.


Key Components of the Campaign: 

Influencer Invitations: We invited 10 influencers from diverse niches—lifestyle, health, food, and more—to the grand opening on May 22, 2024.

Event Coverage: Influencers shared live updates, stories, and engaging content across Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, showcasing the ambiance, products, and overall experience at Feels Smoothie & Juice Bar.

Content Variety: To maximize reach and engagement, influencers created a mix of content formats including photos, videos, and reels, providing an authentic feel for the event and the brand’s offerings.



The influencer marketing campaign yielded significant results for Feels Smoothie & Juice Bar:

Increased Awareness: The influencers significantly boosted awareness about Feels in Riyadh, introducing the brand to a broad audience.

Enhanced Footfall: The campaign drove a notable increase in foot traffic to Feels, as locals and followers of the influencers visited to experience the new juice bar.

Social Media Growth: The campaign resulted in substantial growth in Feels’ social media following, as people sought updates on the latest offerings, promotions, and health tips.



Through strategic influencer marketing, Feels Smoothie & Juice Bar successfully launched in Riyadh being the first branch in Saudi Arabia, replicating its success from Dubai. The campaign not only drove immediate foot traffic and online engagement but also established a strong foundation for ongoing customer loyalty and brand presence in the new market.

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