GCC Influencers have higher engagement on Snapchat

Starfish Agency-

June 6, 2022

Snapchat, a social media platform where people can exchange messages, photos and videos and post on their stories, is known to be one of the peek social media platforms for Khaleejis in the GCC regions. The social media application allows people to stay connected with friends and families. Snapchatters are using Snapchat as a social media platform to check TV news, government sources and online news. Anomalously, there is a large audience of young people on Snapchat, this is because younger Snapchatters like to communicate via Snapchat due to the disappearing messages. Younger people somewhat have a large appeal to sharing and then failing to recall about those memorable moments.

It is proven that influencers using Snapchat as their main social media platform to build their audience, have much more engaging audiences. For instance, Ghadeer Sultan, Kuwaiti influencer residing in Kuwait, has a large community that engages more on Snapchat than on her Instagram account. Some features on Snapchat have been updated and include trendy insights for influencers and a feature for creators to upload audio and music. Influencers can engage further with their followers on snapchat because almost 90% of Snapchat influencers receive story replies from their audience.

              Saudis love snapchat for various reasons, some of which are because it allows users to document daily activities on the go, it is private and allows users to be fun and creative. In addition, Snapchat is a superb platform for Saudi brands because it reflects authentic use, provides real time experience when using the product/service and allows users to instantly swipe up to a link that directs them to the App or website. In general, Snapchat is still growing daily and has increased up to 25% since the last quarter in 2021.

Top influencers on Snapchat in GCC:

  1. Ghadeer Sultan – https://www.instagram.com/ghdor.sultan/ – Kuwait
  2. Al Mahra – https://www.instagram.com/almahra91/ – Bahrain
  3. Taim Al Falasi – https://www.instagram.com/taimalfalasi/ – UAE
  4. Az Bin Fahd – https://www.instagram.com/az_bin_fahad/ – KSA     

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