Influencers Lead Eyewa’s Payday Sale in Saudi Arabia to New Heights!

Starfish Agency-

June 25, 2024


Eyewa, founded in 2017, is one of the largest and most trusted online eyewear stores in the Middle East. With a mission to make quality eye care and eyewear more affordable and accessible, Eyewa offers a wide range of products including prescription glasses, sunglasses, blue light glasses, color contact lenses, and corrective contact lenses.

Eyewa Influencer Marketing Campaign

To promote the payday sale, influencers highlighted Eyewa’s 30% discount, valid in stores and online on three distinct collections: “Black Out,” “30 Sundays,” and contact lenses. Additionally, they shared exclusive discount codes for an extra 20% off online and 10% off in stores.

Key Components of the Campaign

  1. Influencer Collaboration: We partnered with eight prominent influencers in Saudi Arabia, a mix of males and females, who are well-known in the fashion and lifestyle niches.
  2. Snapchat Effectiveness: Snapchat’s popularity in Saudi Arabia made it the ideal platform for this campaign, allowing influencers to reach and engage a wide audience in real-time.
  3. Store Visits and Product Showcases: Influencers shared their visits to Eyewa stores, showcased their favorite items from the different collections, and conducted try-ons and styling sessions.
  4. Engaging Content: The influencers created engaging content, including stories and posts that highlighted their personal picks, styling tips, and overall shopping experience.
  5. Discount Promotion: They invited their audience to check out the payday sales and shared exclusive discount codes for additional savings.



The influencer marketing campaign for Eyewa’s payday sale achieved remarkable results:

  1. Increased Footfall and Online Traffic: The collaboration significantly boosted foot traffic to Eyewa stores and increased online traffic to Eyewa’s website in KSA.
  2. Sales Surge: The payday sale saw a substantial increase in sales across all three collections promoted by the influencers.
  3. Enhanced Brand Awareness: The campaign amplified brand awareness, with influencers’ followers engaging with the content and visiting Eyewa stores and website in Saudi Arabia.


The influencer marketing campaign for Eyewa‘s payday sale in Saudi Arabia was a resounding success. By leveraging the power of Snapchat and collaborating with a diverse group of influencers from the fashion and lifestyle sectors, Eyewa effectively increased brand visibility, drove sales, and enhanced customer engagement.

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