Top trending influencers in Saudi Arabia 2021

Starfish Agency-

December 30, 2021

In today’s modern world, social media influencers are increasing in an extensive amount daily. Considering the gulf, 95.7% of the population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are active users of the internet and social media. Moreover, almost 80% of the Saudi population are social media users. As for content creators and social media influencers, they have been increasing immensely in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian influencers have been growing rapidly in the gulf, people love keeping up with the events and lives of other people. The top categories of influencers in Saudi Arabia are lifestyle, food, beauty, and fashion.

The Top 5 Saudi Influencers :

  1.   @imeeto   (  1.8M followers
  2.  @eleen_su ( 2M followers
  3.  @ju8b.b ( 2.7M followers
  4.  @falmomen ( 1.9M followers
  5.  @32aam ( 814K Followers

Top 3 trending and growing accounts in Saudi Arabia: