Snapchat Influencers

From a mere 5 million daily users in December 2013, Snapchat has grown to more than 160 million daily active users. In addition to a fast growing rate, Snapchatters have been observed to watch more than 10 billion videos every day, and are particularly engaged and receptive to brand messages.

If you want to be where your target audiences are, collaborating with Snapchat influencers is one sure way to penetrate the platform and ensure your brand's message reaches the right people.

Why turn to Snapchat influencer marketing?

Fun and interactive, Snapchat encourages users to consume and produce content. The platform is especially popular among millennials, making it one of the best channels for brands aiming to connect with young professionals.

Partnering with Snapchat's biggest influencers can help bring more online exposure for your brand, while allowing users to see a first person point of view of your products and services through user-generated photos, videos, and reviews. Influencers also allow you to nurture more personal connections and create more authentic experiences, which enhance how audiences perceive and respond to your brand.

How to find the right Snapchat influencers for your campaign

Like with any other channel, audience reach is a huge deciding factor in the success of your campaign. Starfish Agency is a social media agency that can help you easily identify and connect with influencers who have the highest views per snap and a consistent audience base.

Aside from their extensive reach, we'll help you find the influencer who can best get your message across and fits your criteria for a brand representative. At present, we have more than 3000 influencers who have presence in various channels and niches, ensuring we can help you find the most suitable influencer regardless of your requirements.

How to be a Snapchat influencer for Starfish Agency?

Do you have the drive and passion to produce fun and creative Snaps daily? Would you like to work with some of the world's leading brands? Then Starfish Agency wants you! Download our app on iOS or Android and complete the registration process so we can start connecting you with brands you've always wanted to work with!

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