Twitter Influencers

There are about 500 million tweets a day – make yours count with the help of the biggest Twitter influencers in UAE and the Middle East today.

Why market on Twitter? 

The microblogging site has more than 317 million monthly active users, making it one of the largest and most influential social media channels today. For businesses thinking of creating a Twitter marketing strategy, here are figures that you need to know about:

  • 71 percent of users access the platform several times a day
  • 37 percent make a post or retweet several times within the day
  • 80 percent of active users use their mobile phones to access the site
  • 54 percent took action upon seeing a brand mentioned in tweets

These numbers mean Twitter is an effective platform that gives you higher chances of being seen online and stimulating user engagement. Aside from Twitter advertising, however, businesses can turn to influencer marketing to form more personal and meaningful connections with the Twitter community.

Finding the best Twitter influencer for your business and brand

With millions of users, it can be a time-consuming task trying to find users who can best represent your brand. Starfish Agency makes the process simple and easy for you. We have a huge database of more than 3,000 online influencers, and we can find the right person for your brand using in-depth analysis of our registered profiles.  

In addition to expanding your brand’s reach, influencer marketing gives you the opportunity to generate more unique content and showcase a consumer’s authentic experience with your product or service. As influencers are respected and trusted by their followers, seeing your products and services featured in their profiles can help improve how your target audiences perceive your brand and encourage them to be loyal customers.  

How to be an influencer for Starfish Agency?

Have you built a loyal following online? Got thousands of followers keeping an eye on your profile and feeds? Then download our app, be part of our growing community of online influencers across GCC countries, and grab the chance to work with your favorite brands!

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