Wedding Season with Influencers

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July 27, 2022

Social media influencers in the UAE seem to socialize and gather along with one another more than other countries. There have been several events lately that have shown the bondage and friendships these influencers built and how important it is for their audience. This helps audiences from both influencer’s pages engage and follow both influencers to stay updated with their lifestyles. In general, due to their friend group being mostly influencers, people are happy to see how influencers attend each other’s weddings and this Summer there were two in particular that blew away the audiences’ minds.

Two recent weddings have occurred that made people excited and thrilled to keep up with the posts of these influencers. This eventually lead to higher engagement and reach on their posts.

Leen Abou Shaar and Kareem Deeb

First wedding that brought together some of the top influencers who reside in the UAE is Leen Abou Shaar and Kareem Deeb’s wedding that took place in the Maldives during mid-May. There were influencers such as Noor Stars, Hadia Ghaleb, Anas and Anasala, Ines Sebiane, The Rahals, Sarah Malas, and many others. The influencers’ feed posts were filled with content of the wedding in the Maldives and people were thrilled to see different perspectives of the wedding.

Nadya Hassan and Wiktor Gneiwik’s Wedding

Second more recent wedding is Nadya Hassan and Wiktor Gneiwik’s wedding that took place in Poland. Many influencers were invited and attended the beautiful wedding sharing their experiences as posts on social media. Some of the influencers who attended: Mina Al Sheikhly, The Hala, Mathayel, and Fatmaa.

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