Youtube Influencers

There are about 500 million tweets a day – make yours count with the help of the biggest Twitter influencers in UAE and the Middle East today.

Youtube has come a long way since one of its founders uploaded the first video to its site in 2005. Today, the video sharing platform tallies 300 hours worth of videos uploaded every minute!

On top of that, it has a total of 1.3 billion active users worldwide, who are probably the reason Youtube welcomes 300 million visitors per day, and records nearly 5 billion videos watched daily.

Now, if you’re thinking of using Youtube to boost your brand’s online presence and reach, Starfish Agency can help you by connecting you with well-known Youtubers who have a large following of subscribers and viewers.

Youtube marketing through online influencers

Influencers can help new brands trying to penetrate Youtube’s community by raising awareness about the brand’s products and services. Brands with existing channels, on the other hand, can further strengthen their presence and reach by partnering with influencers – businesses can tap into an influencer’s audience base and reach out to a new market segment.

In digital marketing, it is often said that “Content is king.” Youtube influencers can generate a regular stream of content for businesses, from unboxing of products and tutorials, to product reviews and promotions of a product, service, or event.

Though the content formats vary, these videos can all provide viewers with something they can easily relate to, as they view influencers as fellow consumers themselves.

Collaborate with the most influential Youtubers in UAE and the Middle East  

Here at Starfish Agency, we have cultivated a large database of more than 3,000 social media influencers in Dubai, the UAE and throughout the region. Using our database, we can analyze your online marketing needs and connect you with the most suitable influencer to represent your brand.  

All you have to do is brief us on your campaign, and we’ll do the hard work for you, including researching and filtering through a multitude of influencer profiles. We make it possible for brands and influencers to get connected and collaborate, as well as establish a sustainable and long-term partnership that is rewarding for both sides.

How to be a Youtube influencer for Starfish Agency?

If your channel has thousands of subscribers, and you’re passionate about creating videos regularly, then we invite you to join our increasing number of registered influencers in the UAE and across the GCC region. Download our app and register so you can have the chance to collaborate with your favorite local and international brands.

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